Advancing Inclusion works at two levels– structural
and individual. At the structural level,
we design initiatives derived from the latest research
in the field to retain and advance diverse talent.
At an individual level,
we cultivate inclusive leadership skills
via leadership coaching and bespoke
capability building programs.

Initiative design

Culture is all about who we interact with and how. Advancing Inclusion designs structural initiatives that bring different people into contact, for example by adjusting a ‘high potential’ program so that it works better for women. We also look at how people engage each other at critical points in the talent pipeline, e.g., changing how developmental feedback is delivered, advising on how to incorporate the leading research on unconscious bias into managers’ training. Further examples of structural programs include revamping governance of employee resource groups, launching targeted sponsorship programs, and embedding inclusive leadership skills into existing leadership learning courses. All initiative design engagements include a diagnostic element to ensure initiatives align with organizational goals and values.

Capability building

The workplace is one of the last places in life where we must meaningfully interact with people who are truly different from us – socially, demographically, or politically. This makes creating a sense of community especially difficult. We believe that leaders and managers need specific skills to have productive and civil conversations about difference – raising awareness is insufficient. All our programs are interactive and high-touch, ensuring participants get to practice real skills.


When a large part of the organization looks up to you, role modelling inclusion involves more than being an inclusive leader to your direct team. For senior leaders, Advancing Inclusion offers completely confidential one to one coaching where leaders can ask tough questions and seek advice on difficult issues around diversity. These sessions help leaders become better sponsors, and manage their broader impact on the organization.

Uncovering Talent

Advancing Inclusion is the exclusive European provider for Professor Kenji Yoshino’s Uncovering Talent programs.